Our Detroit Memorial Park  EAST

Located at 4280 East Thirteen Mile Rd in Warren, MI and sits on eight-five acres.

First & foremost, we are very sorry for your loss.

Everything begins with a simple phone call to one of our Memorial Counselors, to help navigate you through this difficult time.

Detroit Memorial Park East Chapel Mausoleum

  • Costs are frozen at current prices.

  • Emotional overspending is avoided.

  • Interest free

  • Payment options are available.

  • Your wishes are respected.

  • Peace of Mind !

  • An emergency is the wrong time to learn the facts and costs.

  • The right way is to plan together before the inevitable occurs.

  • Security and peace of mind are loving gifts to be shared together.

Mausoleum on the grounds of Detroit Memorial Park Cemetery East

When a PATH is provided for loved ones to follow, in times of sorrow, we eliminate confusion and avoid possible misunderstanding.

Park Holidays

We encourage family and friends of those buried in our parks to visit throughout the year.

Christmas Tree Lighting: At our East and West locations we offer an annual tree lighting ceremony where families can place ornaments on our Park’s Memorial Tree in remembrance of their loved ones.

Membership Organizations