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Making arrangements ahead of time may seem an unpleasant task, but our Memorial Counselors are here to help you protect your family and family legacy. In addition to the painful and overwhelming emotions families have to cope with at a time of loss, there are numerous, and often stressful administrative tasks.  Planning ahead alleviates much of those tasks for your family, such as establishing who can make legal decisions, required government documents, type of interment, etc.  Our counselors will help guide you through the process and many options to ensure the right decisions for your family and finances. Our goal is ease of process to make your feel empowered and secure about the future.  If you are interested in our pre-planning guide, contact our office or fill out request below, and we will gladly mail one to you.

Why Choose Us?

With nearly 100 years of exemplary service to the community, Detroit Memorial Park Cemetery boasts three parks on over 170 acres.  Our handsomely funded Perpetual Care Fund ensures your loved ones will buried and cared for with dignity, all while being affordable to your family. We offer a wide array of services and products, coupled with our compassionate staff for ease of decision making for your family. There are several specialized sections for family estates, veterans, children gone too soon, and many famous and notable burials of celebrities, politicians and other significant historic figures, which prompted the State of Michigan to deem our parks an official historic site.

Such notable burials include….

History Makers

10 Reasons Why Your Memorial Should Be Purchased From A Cemetery

  • Your cemetery is perpetual – it will always be in business.

  • Your cemetery has trained counselors who are familiar with your lot and its requirements.

  • Your cemetery purchases your memorial directly from the manufacturer – there are no middlemen.

  • Your cemetery will be sure that only the very best material is used for your memorial because it, too, must be concerned with the appearance and upkeep of the park.

  • Your cemetery knows you. You have dealt with us either before or during your time of loss.

  • Your cemetery uses the additional income from your memorial purchase to put into continued beautification of the park.

  • Your cemetery has protection against vandalism that also covers your memorial in case of damage.

  • Your cemetery has crews which are trained to efficiently handle your memorial placement. Your cemetery is responsible if there is any damage in placement of memorials purchased through the cemetery.

  • Your cemetery handles your future needs directly through its own office.

  • Your cemetery has assumed the responsibility of caring for your loved ones grave. Its only natural that you should place your memorial under the same personal care and attention the resting place requires.

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Detroit Memorial Park – Exemplary Service to the Community

Tips for Planning a Memorial Service

Personalize It – Make it personal and full of the things that made that person’s life lived well.  What were their hobbies?  Did they have a favorite sports team?  A saying they’d always use?  Be sure the memorial reflects who they were and the life they lived.

Selection of Speakers – Although there is often a portion of the Memorial Service dedicated to an open mic for all to speak as they wish, it is wise to tap into a few key people earlier on to speak on behalf of the family and lighthearted stories of the deceased to create smiles through the tears of grief.

Music – Your selection of music should reflect the life, love and times of the deceased. Were they a Motown fan?  What was their first dance wedding song? What song did they always turn up the volume on in the car?  Although the song selection will provoke tears, they will be tears of joy and heartfelt moments as cathartic relief for your loved ones.

Keep It Lighthearted – Remember that the Memorial Service is a celebration of your loved one’s life.  Grief is an ongoing process, however on the day of the Memorial Service, remember to throw in interesting or funny photos, memories, as well as accomplishments. It’s ok to laugh out loud, despite the tears.

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