Summer Grave Decoration Guidelines

Please note : The weeks of March 15th, July15th , September 15th and Nov. 15th will be seasonal cleanup. Every section will be cleared of all decorations for major clean up and trimming. Please be sure to visit prior to these dates if you wish to retrieve any items. Those left will be disposed.

  • Please be sure not to bring anything glass, valuable or treasured family items to the cemetery as we can not assure their safe return.
  • During the summer months only fresh cut or silk flowers are permitted NO Plastic, Wire, Balloons or other artificial decorations are permitted March 15th to Nov. 15th.
  • Potted plants are permitted for one week after special holidays, Easter, Mothers and Fathers Days, Memorial Day,4th July, Labor Day. Flower bed’s for families to plant must be installed by the cemetery workers.
  • SHEPHERD’S HOOKS are not permitted on graves at anytime.

Winter Grave Decoration Guidelines

  • Winter Grave Blankets, Wreaths And Holiday Bouquets Are Available At The Cemetery Office.
  • ALL Grave Blankets, Wreaths and Other Winter Decorations MUST Have A Detroit Memorial Park Association, Removal Tag Attached Or They WILL Be Removed And Disposed Immediately. Tags Are Available At The Cemetery Office.
  • Winter Decorations Are Allowed After Nov. 15th And Remain Until March 15th Clean Up (Weather Permitting). Please Visit Prior To These Dates If You Wish To Retrieve Any Item. Those Left Behind Will All Be Disposed.
  • Please Do Not Bring Anything Glass, Or Valued Family Treasured Items To The Cemetery, As We Can Not Assure The Return Of Anything Left In The Cemetery.
  • Bronze cemetery vases in markers must be turned from Nov. 1st thru March 15th to avoid winter breakage.
  • No Alcohol Or Illegal Substances EVER Permitted In The Cemetery.
  • Children Under 16 MUST Be Accompanied By An Adult.
  • When there is any doubt about a decoration please check at the office prior to placing it to avoid disappointment later.