Loved Ones Laid to Rest with Full Dignity and Complete Satisfaction!

Detroit Memorial Park Association, Inc.

Boasts three parks on over 170 acres with a handsomely funded Perpetual Care Fund to ensure your loved ones will buried and cared for with dignity, all while being affordable to your family. We offer a wide array of services and products, coupled with our compassionate staff for ease of decision making for your family.  There are several specialized sections for Family Estates, Veterans, Children Gone Too Soon, and many Famous and Notable burials of celebrities, politicians and other significant historic figures, which prompted the State of Michigan to deem our parks an Official Historic site.

History Makers

  Such notable burials include….

Detroit Memorial Park Locations

Loved Ones Laid to Rest with Full Dignity and Complete Satisfaction!

Three Locations • Over 170 Acres

Our team of caring individuals adhere to the highest standards of ethical and personal service. We aim to anticipate the needs of families in mourning by exceeding the expectations of our guests and visitors. We lead with a spirit of service and are here to assist you and your family in a great time of need.

East Cemetery

4280 E. Thirteen Mile Rd • Warren, MI 48092

Four Mausoleums

The Prayer Mausoleum, The Heritage Mausoleum, The Eternal Love Mausoleum and the Peace Chapel Mausoleum.

West Cemetery

25062 Plymouth Road • Redford, MI 48239

You are Invited

to come and see The Walk of Life Columbarium, Committal Chapel, The Prayer Mausoleum, and The Hope Mausoleum.

Gracelawn Cemetery

5710 N. Saginaw Street • Flint, MI 48505

You are Invited

to come and see the new Tower of Life Columbarium, and to discuss the special advantages of pre-planning with the Gracelawn staff.

Our Mission

Detroit Memorial Park Cemetery, established in 1925, is dedicated to providing professional, dignified and caring service to the metropolitan Detroit community. Our founders envisioned a resting place of beauty which exemplifies those properties, in a setting of peace and serenity forever.

Park Holidays

We encourage family and friends of those buried in our parks to visit throughout the year.

Membership Organizations