• ARTIFICAL AND SILK FLOWERS ARE ALLOWED and must be placed in a VASE.
    • NO LIVE FLOWERS of any kind are permitted and will discarded without notice.
  • FLOWERS AND ORNAMENTS that are not in a vase will be discarded without notice.

SEASONAL CLEAN-UP: March 15th, July 15th, September 15th and November 15th.


    1. All Gardens and Sections will be cleared of all decorations for major clean-up and trimming. Please visit 1 week prior to the dates listed below if you wish to retrieve any items. Any items left behind will be discarded without notice.
        • Bronze Cemetery Vases on Markers Will Be Turned Down From Nov. 15th – Mar. 15th To Avoid Winter Damage.


        • Small American Flags Are Permitted: One Week Before and After Memorial’s Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day.


        • Winter Decorations are allowed beginning the Week of Thanksgiving And Remaining Until March 15th.


        • Winter Grave Blankets, Wreaths And Holiday Bouquets Maybe Purchased At The Cemetery Office.


        • A DISPOSABLE TAG Must Be Attached To All Winter Decorations.


        • DECORATIONS With No tag Will Be Removed Immediately Without Notice.


      • Tags Are Available In The Office During Regular Business Hours.
    1. Glass, Plastic, Balloons, Stuff Animal, Shepherd Hooks Or Any Valued Family Treasured Item(s) Are Not Permitted And Will Be Discarded WITHOUT NOTICE.
        • Decorative ROCKS, STONES OR MULCH Are Not Permitted Around Any Memorial or Grave.


        • DIGGING And LIVE PLANTING Is Not Permitted In The Cemetery.


        • Any Illegal Substance(s) Including Alcohol Is Not Permitted In The Cemetery.


      • An Adult Must Accompany Children Under The Age Of 16.
  1. When Ever In Doubt About Any Grave Decoration Or Live Planting, Please Check With Any Cemetery Personnel Before Planting and Placing It On Grave To Avoid Removal Without Notice.

Your Cooperation Is Greatly Appreciated